Typing Lontara on Windows

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey.
  2. Download GNU FreeFont TTF.
  3. Unzip the fonts and install them on Windows. (If you cannot open a ZIP file, download 7-Zip.)
  4. Right-click and save bugis.ahk in a folder you will remember.
  5. Open that folder. Right-click bugis.ahk and choose Run Script.
  6. A new green H or green S will appear in your system tray.
  7. To switch on or off Lontara typing mode, right-click the green square, then Suspend Hotkeys.
  8. Always use the FreeSerif font in your word processor.
  9. When typing in Lontara, use the chart below. For example, to write ᨅᨔᨕᨘᨁᨗ basa ugi, you must type bsaugi. Type vowels after the consonant or the .


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Missing Characters

Are these necessary?

  1. Distinguish between iya and yi with diacritics in different positions
  2. New punctuation
  3. New diacritics to suppress inherent vowel, indicate pre-nasalized consonant, double consonant, etc.